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How to Stop Your Phone’s Charger Cable From Breaking again and again.

Fix or prevent your cables from breaking because buying one new every month is not an option.

For a lot of smartphone users, iPhone is the best so far, but its cables are made to be broken, so we have to keep buying new ones. “They don’t make things like they used to,” so the old saying goes. Below are some tips to prevent or fix your cable.

1. Take care of your cables.

The most important thing to remember is to don’t pull the cable by grabbing the wire, always hold the plug element of the cable when removing it. This works with every type of cable: Macbook, laptop, headphones, etc. Also, avoid excessive bending or wrapping them up too tightly (the wires inside the cable are delicate and they get bent and crushed every time you do this.)

2. Protect cables

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This can be one of the most effective methods to protect your phone’s cable. Cable protectors work by protecting the point at which the cable joins the plastic or metal plug and you can buy it from here.

3. Magnetic adapters

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Most cable damage is exacerbated by sudden movement, that’s why we recommend these magnetic adapters instead of more traditional cables, buy now from here. Getting a magnetic charger cable will fix all of your problems.

4. Paracord trick

This trick is intended to iPhone users who tend to be crafty and know how to build and make things.

5. Heat Shrink Tubing

It’s a great solution for how you can prevent your cables from breaking and still maintain the great looks of your gear and you can buy from here 580pcs for only $7.99. Cover your exposed wires with a tube, while using a lighter, a hairdryer, or even a heat gun to shrink the tube and fix the issue. It’ll look better than using electrical tape wrapped around it.

6. Charge Wirelessly

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Wireless charging is now more affordable than ever. Buy this Anker Wireless Certified iPhone Charger at $12.99.

These are the cheapest methods or temporary until you can fix it properly.

7. Use a spring

The oldest trick but very effective. Using a spring from your old pen may extend your cable life.

8. Use electrical tape

Another cheap method to help protect them. Just wrap it around where cable wires are exposed.

Why do phone chargers break so easily?

If your phone discharges faster than usual, you tend to use it more often than other electrical devices, and this puts stress and strain on cables, increasing their chances of getting damaged.

Phone charger cables are relatively small and thin, that’s why these are fragile.

Everyone is having problems with their charger cables breaking but if you follow the tips you’ll have no more problems for a while.

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