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How Waterproof is Your Smartphone? What Do IP68 or IP67 and Other Ratings Mean?

The IP (Ingress Protection) rating system is used to provide an indication of the level of protection resulting from a system or barrier against...

How Does a Touch Screen Work

The smartphone has become so popular and essential that some people would rather lose their keys or even their wallet than their smartphone. A touch...

Apps That Will Increase Productivity at Work – To Achieve More

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Best Sleep Apps to Download in 2023

The best sleep app is the one that suits you best, either if you want to have a more restful sleep, listen to soothing...

Top 9 of the World’s Largest Ships Ever Built

Find out the largest ships ever built in the world and their use. Some of them are still sailing the oceans.

Why Do Some Planes Leave White Trails In The Sky?

You may have noticed, on a sunny day, some white lines on the bright blue sky and you realized (or not) that planes are the source. But have you ever wondered how they are formed and why?

12 Things You Should Never Put In The Microwave

The microwave is one of the greatest inventions of all time. Over 96% of U.S. households own a microwave and what makes it so special is that a time-saver, versatile, inexpensive, and compact.

Watch BMW’s Electric Wingsuit or How to be a Flying Squirrel

The chest-mounted equipment can produce thrust for up to five minutes.

Virgin Hyperloop : The Revolution of Traveling

Virgin Hyperloop sent two passengers through its DevLoop test tube in the Nevada desert.

Hummer Ev: The Car You Didn’t Expect. Fully Electric

GMC Hummer Ev revealed: price, images, range, and specs.