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Why Do We Dream, Dream Cycles, and Types of Dreams

Dreams are an incredibly fascinating part of our lives. Dreaming is the process of experiencing images, sounds, and other sensations during sleep. Dreams are...

What Makes Tattoo Ink Permanent in Your Skin?

When the needle touches our skin, it injects the ink into the layer of cells below the epidermis at a frequency of 50 to 3,000 times per minute. The ink becomes permanent because it...

How Does a Pregnancy Test Work?

We can help you to know how does a pregnancy test work.

Most Radioactive Places on Earth (Still)

Disasters that marked the world and changed it. Most radioactive places on Earth.

Why Do Some Planes Leave White Trails In The Sky?

You may have noticed, on a sunny day, some white lines on the bright blue sky and you realized (or not) that planes are the source. But have you ever wondered how they are formed and why?

Chernobyl – The Worst Nuclear Disaster In History – Images

The accident destroyed the Chernobyl 4 reactor, killing 30 operators and firemen within three months and several further deaths later