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What is 3D Printed Meat, and How is it Made?

3D meat refers to a new form of meat production where real animal cells are used to grow meat in a lab, without the...

Is the Meta Quest 2 Still Worth Buying? Pros and Cons 2024

Meta Quest 2 is a virtual reality headset developed by Meta, a company formerly known as Facebook Reality Labs. The Meta Quest 2 is...

How does the Internet Work? A Simple Introduction

The Internet is a worldwide network of billions of computers, and if they have access, they can share files with each other. It provides...

What is a Patent? – Intellectual Property

The developers of a project have invested hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in the project or just the idea. How do...

Top 19 Most Important Inventions by Women

Plato said that whoever invented beer was a wise man, but he was wrong! It was actually a woman.

Virgin Hyperloop : The Revolution of Traveling

Virgin Hyperloop sent two passengers through its DevLoop test tube in the Nevada desert.

Boston Dynamics: Spot Robo-Dog Will Be Your Best Buddy

The robo-dog went viral in 2018 after Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos posted a photo of taking it for a walk, on Twitter. The robot...