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How To Clean Your Phone Properly – Best Way to Sanitize According to Experts

According to experts, it’s important to both clean and disinfects surfaces. There are many viruses that can survive on some surfaces for nine or more days, but unfortunately, scientists at the Australian Centre of Disease Preparedness said the virus that was the subject of the 2020’s pandemic, Coronavirus, was “extremely robust”, surviving for 28 days on smooth surfaces such as mobile phone screens and plastic banknotes, at 20°C.

How you can sanitize and disinfect properly your phone?

  • 1. Remove your phone case and power down your device.
  • 2. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe the phone down

If your phone allows, you may slightly damp the cloth with soap and water. This will remove the biofilm that traps germs but pay attention to the crevices.

  • 3. Use a UV light designed for cleaning electronics. (Optional but recommended)

This may be a good investment for cleaning your phone if you are worried about damage over time and it’s easier to use. Just put your phone in and wait 10 minutes.

  • 4. Disinfect the phone using alcohol-based cleaning wipes (at least 70% alcohol), Lysol or Clorox wipes.

The producers of every alcohol-based cleaning wipe declare that their product kills 99.99% of germs (needs to meet CDC and FDA recommendations).

  • 5. Dry the phone with a microfiber cloth.

But never dry your phone with a hair blower unless is it on the “Cool” setting, and blow from a considerable distance. If your smartphone gets wet, this article may help you.

Things to avoid while cleaning your phone

  • Avoid aerosol sprays and cleaning solutions that contain bleach or abrasives (that’s too highly concentrated).
  • Don’t spray your phone or submerge your phone in water or chemicals.
  • Avoid cleaning your phone using a paper towel (this can get stuck in the crevices and attract more dirt and debris).
  • Blowing into your phone to get rid of dust or water is actually harmful and should be avoided.
  • Exposing your phone to extreme temperatures (such as putting it in a freezer or blow-drying).

These steps can be followed at least once but recommended twice a day to ensure that your phone doesn’t become overridden with germs and expose you to illness.

Stay safe and wash your hands as often as necessary.

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