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Why Do We Dream, Dream Cycles, and Types of Dreams

why do we dream rem sleep cycles how many hours of sleep do we need
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Dreams are an incredibly fascinating part of our lives. Dreaming is the process of experiencing images, sounds, and other sensations during sleep.

Dreams are an incredibly fascinating part of our lives. They allow us to explore our unconscious thoughts and feelings, and they can often be a source of inspiration.

What are Dreams?

Dreams are the result of our brains’ attempts to make sense of the world around us. The brain is constantly taking in information and processing it, but sometimes it can’t quite make sense of all the information it collects. When this happens, the brain creates a story that fits with what it knows.


For some people, dreaming is a usual thing that happens every time they go to bed. Meanwhile, there are people who can’t even remember if they dreamt and they simply say that it’s impossible for them to dream, but that’s false. Not dreaming is not a thing you should worry about, but you can do some things to encourage your brain and memory to make dreams more often during your sleep.

Some things that can help your sleep and furthermore your dreams are: doing sport, 7+ hours of sleep for adults, de-stress before going to bed, eating food that contains melatonin or taking some melatonin supplies, and changing your bed or your sleeping position. Probably taking a look at our article, Best Sleep Apps to Download, will help you

 A dream lasts between a few seconds to 20-30 minutes and an average human has three, five, or even seven dreams per night.

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Dream Cycles

There are 2 stages we go through during sleep: REM and non-REM. N1 to N3 stages are considered NREM sleep (non-rapid eye movement), and your sleep is spent in these stages approximately in a proportion of 75%.

sleep stages how many stages how to sleep well how many hours of sleep do we need

Dreams are a part of the REM sleep cycle. It’s when the brain activity is similar to that of being awake. During REM, our brains are at their most active state, so it makes sense that we’d experience vivid dreams then.

The REM cycle is fully named the Rapid Eye Movement cycle. When the REM cycle reaches the brain, it makes the brain’s activity increase. It is essential to experience this cycle because it helps our memory and we learn more easily. The sleepiness we may experience in the morning is due to waking up in the middle of the Rapid Eye Movement phase in our sleep, and this is why is so important for us.

Each stage has its own importance. Sometimes, if we sleep 6 hours a night but we go through all stages of sleeping, we feel more energized rather than a full 8 hours of sleeping but we wake up during the REM phase.

Types of Dreams

Dreams are often linked to our memories, and they can be influenced by anything from our surroundings to our subconscious desires. These can also be triggered by external stimuli, for example, if you’re stressed about something and go to sleep without resolving that stress, your brain may create a dream that helps you find a solution for your problem.

Dreams often include images and sounds, sometimes even smells or tastes. They’re often so vivid that it feels like you’re actually experiencing them.

Dreaming is a natural thing that helps us keep our emotional and mental health balanced. The dreams that we have are not actually as deep as they seem. Our brain’s electrical impulses push random memories from our minds or we just imagine stuff that doesn’t even exist. Of course, sometimes the things we worry about or what we overthink can be transposed into our dreams.

Nightmares are sadly the one negative part of dreaming. Once in a while, nightmares occur in our dreams and they can affect us. A disturbing dream offers us fear, sad and angry feelings, people experienced dreams about snakes or about teeth falling out or worse, making sleep feel like a bad thing that brings us nothing but panic and pain. If nightmares are becoming more common, then going to sleep is going to be harder, also creating insomnia.

Meaning of Your Dreams

Dreams can be influenced by your current life situation or past experiences, but they also have their own meaning. Some people believe that dreams are messages from your subconscious mind while others believe they’re messages from God or your ancestors, depending on what religion you practice.

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Dreams can be recalled in more detail after waking up if you write them down immediately (this is called dream recall). This practice has been used in therapy for years to help people understand their unconscious feelings and desires through their dreams.

A dream doesn’t have to have a meaning in order to be interesting or important. Dreaming is an essential part of being human, as we use our dreams to process information and make sense of the world around us.

Why We Can’t Remember

Dreams can be remembered or forgotten. Some dreams are so vivid that they seem real. Other dreams may seem strange or confusing, or they may not make sense when you look back on them.

Some people remember many of their dreams and have a good idea of why they dreamt what they did. Others can’t recall any dreams from one night to another, even if they remember having slept well through the night.

Dreams can be remembered or forgotten, depending on how much we pay attention to them when we wake up in the morning.

Dreams Theories

There are many different theories about what dreaming means and what function it serves in our lives.

Some people believe that dreaming helps us learn new information by processing it in a symbolic way during sleep. Others think that dreaming allows us to work out problems without getting hurt in real life by solving them through fantasy instead of reality.

Perhaps the most popular theory is that dreams allow us to rehearse events from our past so we can learn from our mistakes and improve ourselves as human beings!

Do Blind People Dream?

What do blind people dream about? The answer is yes. They can dream just like anyone else. Dreams include memories and stories about the day, so although they cannot see them, but can imagine what goes on in their dreams.

Do Animals Dream?

Surprisingly, animals can also dream!

Studies show that almost all mammals dream and they sometimes react in a funny way in their sleep. Even some reptiles can have dreams! Animals seem to also experience Rapid Eye Movement in sleep. Like humans, the electrical activity in their brains during this stage is very similar.

Scientists say that cats and dogs often dream of hunting. They can additionally dream about their family, food, and toys.

Dreaming is a creative part of our brains and it’s supposed to be a connection between our thoughts, worries, memories, and maybe some things from our imaginations. Sleeping is just as effective even if you don’t dream, the only requirement is that all stages of sleep need to be accomplished.

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